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Regan and Chelsea met in preschool at Olive Baptist Church. From there, they grew up together and by middle school were best friends and accountability partners. Regan had a big crush on Chelsea in 8th grade but she was dating someone else and then eventually he was dating someone else; but, throughout the years, Regan and Chelsea’s friendship remained. The bond between them continued to grow and though they wouldn’t admit it even to their closest friends, more than friendship growing in their hearts. Chelsea and Regan reflect back to why they kept their true feelings a secret in high school and state it was because they had seen the devastation temporary high school relationships could cause to the best of friends. They valued each other so much they would rather practice patience than rush into something before it was right. Finally, during their second year of college, Regan and Chelsea could not hide their love for each other anymore. Needless to say, no one who knew them well was surprised when Regan and Chelsea started dating. Exactly a year after he asked her to be his girlfriend, Regan asked her to be his wife. Regan and Chelsea believe their faith in God is what makes their relationship so special and they plan to make their marriage last by keeping God in the center of it.

It was an absolute honor to be able to photograph such a special wedding. Congrats to you both!

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Location: Palafox Wharf

Dress: Bridal Suite

Cake: Kate’s Cakes

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