Polly | Pensacola Family Photographer

Each year since Polly was a newborn, Jaimie has called me to take family photos. This family holds a special place in my heart and I have LOVED getting watch Miss Polly grow and learn to smile a little better for the camera each year. We had a few years where photos weren’t exactly on Polly’s radar, but this year she was all in. Maybe the special surprise at the end helped a little but wouldn’t you smile a little extra knowing something fun was coming your way! Jaimie outdid herself with Polly’s first outfit this year–made from scratch. Not to mention the sunset and lighting was PERFECT!


Henry | Pensacola Family Photographer

I’ve had the privilege of photographing this sweet couple a few times now but this was a first with little Henry. They were back in Pensacola for a quick visit and was perfect time to capture 6 month photos. There are probably my favorite to photograph. Full of personality but not quite on the move!


Emma Newborn | Pensacola Newborn Photographer

Heading back to Crestview to meet little Emma was something special. I had the privilege to photographer their family when their first daughter was born. This time though, Olivia was the big sister who was there to be my assistant. I’ve found that the older siblings really want to be apart of making the newborn session happen—hopefully helping in a positive way!

Sweet Emma had quite the grand entrance! Her due dates wasn’t until May but she had different plans and decided to show up in February. As Elizabeth was sharing with me about everything that happened leading up to her birth, the actual birth, and the months following, I sat there in complete amazement over this family. They have gone through so much in such a short amount of time. Thankfully her sister lived close to the hospital which made things slightly easier while Emma was in the NICU.

To make it to this day had to be a special moment for you! Of course Miss Emma continued the tradition of doing things her way and decided to stay awake for most of the session. However, she was so happy when the camera was pointed at her!




Jeremy & Hayley | Pensacola Wedding Photographer

I love watching facial expressions on wedding days. So much love is in the air! The look Jeremy gave Hayley the moment he turned around to see her for the first time that day. The look Hayley gave Jeremy when she was walking down that LONG aisle. The look Jada had when she realized one of the groomsmen bought their family a baby kitty. YES–a baby kitten was gifted to them during the toasting.

A friend of Hayley’s family has several acres of land in McDavid, Florida which was beyond perfect for this wedding. Several pews were brought in to make for a quaint ceremony setup on the open field. The girls had their own house for primping and relaxing that morning and the reception was on an outside porch streamed with lights and overlooking a pond. IT WAS PERFECT!!


Wappelhorst | Pensacola Family Photographer

These two kids had me cracking up the entire session. From making silly noises in each others ear to striking a pose—they knew what to do when the camera was pointed their direction. It also helps that their mommy and daddy love taking photos of them!