Vinson Family | Pensacola Family Photographer

I love when I get a call for family photos and they have a place in mind…especially when it’s private property! Shannon’s family purchased this land a while back and are about to start building. She loved the fence and I loved the overgrown land. Of course we couldn’t control the crazy wind that day but we made it work. Farrar Mae knew just how to work my camera and Tripp…well he knew what to do to make us all laugh!

Dustin & Hannah | Pensacola Maternity Photographer

I was so excited when I saw that Hannah was expecting. Even more so that her baby boy was going to be born in October. It’s now one of my favorite months since our little girl was born in October. I met Dustin and Hannah back in 2014 when they asked me to photograph their engagement and wedding photos. I loved spending those special moments with them and couldn’t wait to take these maternity photos for them. ANY day now they will be welcoming baby Drew into their home and Renegade will be promoted to big brother!

Baby Merritt | Pensacola Newborn Photographer

The long wait for the Harrison’s finally ended on October 16th when they welcomed Merritt into their family.  They decided to keep the gender a surprise for everyone… including themselves. He is absolutely perfect! I loved spending the morning and afternoon with this sweet family. 

DJ | Pensacola Newborn Photographer

Newborn photo sessions are always a sweet time but when your friend of over 25 years has a baby…that’s special! Leslie and Colin welcomed little or should I say big boy into their family early on August 3rd. He weighed 9lb 6oz and was 21 1/2 inches. His blue eyes and stylish hair had me the first time I saw him! I will say though, DJ was on his own schedule the day he was born and for his first photo session. This little man did NOT sleep the entire session. (I snuck a few sleepy photos) He was however super chill and loved watching my every move. He loved his mommy’s lap so we worked with his likings. I can’t wait to watch DJ grow!

Barker | Pensacola Wedding Photographer

Christy contacted me back in Marching asking if I was available for their August wedding. They decided to have a very short engagement. With her being out of town, friends and family did extra to make this wedding come together. They completely pulled it off down to the small details of the table decor! My favorite detail of this wedding had to be her dress. Christy’s dress was purchased at Church St Bridal which is a store that sells floor sample dresses from high end retailers. Their big mission is to help women and children in need.

Christy and her bridesmaids all met at Repunzel’s A Salon to get ready for the day. We moved to the Pfeiffer House just behind Old Christ Church to get dressed and touch up their lipstick. Caleb and Christy wanted to have a special moment to pray together before the ceremony without seeing one another. Minutes after, Christy and her father were walking down the aisle where Caleb saw her for the first time that day. Having a little girl of my own now, I realize how special that moment is for any dad. My eyes filled with happy tears!

They exchanged vows and were announced as husband and wife!

While the family and bridal party finished up with photos, the guest made their way to the Museum of Commerce where they enjoyed Chef Bob’s delicious food. The bride and groom was announced soon later and the party began.

Congratulations to you both!


Ginny Hinton - Oh. My. Goodness! Christy, what a beautiful bride you made!! Those are wonderful, creative photos that will make such great memories over the years – and what a fun touch to add the matching tennis shoes. Crazy girl, best wishes as you start your forever together!